Vahldious the Creeping Death

A Dhampir Assassin with a dark secret


Allignment: Neutral Evil
Homeland: Unknown, Wanderer
Age: Unknown, potentially centuries
Height: 6’0"
Weight: 180lbs

Tall, slender, and most often clad in black silken fineries or cloaks – Vahldious visage speaks only of the deftest grace and cunning. Tall, slender, and well muscled – he was built from the first for speed.

Narrow red eyes peer past long silver hair as he crouches, moving to stalk his next kill.



From the day I was born, I was an outcast. My mother died in childbirth, and I never knew my father, the coward having fled my deformity. No human would take me in, for they were disgusted at the sight of me, and indeed of all my kind. One day while travelling in my youth, I spied a mysterious dark figure in the tree’s at the side of the road, it instilled in my a sense of great dis-ease. After weeks of seeing this silent figure stalking me, it revealed itself at last. She came to me whilst I slept, introducing herself a fellow Dhampir. I could not disguise my shock at the revelation of what I truly was, but she did her best to console me, taking me under her wing, and teaching me to hide in the shadows as she did.

Despite my newfound family, a life of abandonment and hatred left me apprehensive, and finally left her behind… For many years I lived alone on the outskirts of a Drow village in the ancient forest of Lothanium. The only people who would have anything to do with me were the local monkey goblins which lived in the canopies of the great trees of that realm.

One sullen night, I spied a solitary Drow making his way down the main road, and I decided to give chase. I followed him to an abandoned shack and decided to strike, he was alone, and easy prey after all. Kicking in the door of the decrepit old structure, I was shocked to find nobody, but a demonic sign burned hot into the floorboards and smelled of fresh blood. The shack shuttered with a guttural screech which could only belong to an abyssal demonlord, “Rou-Doh-Bac! Rou-Doh-Bac!”. The symbol on the floor suddenly ignited – a thunderous crunching sound erupted as the floorboards gave way to fire and shadow, the demon appearing before me. It seemed to stare at me, but not, it’s voice now filling my head “You are mine now… my pawn, now and forever…”, and as soon as that – it disappeared… the cabin was untouched… there was no symbol on the floor, only the mangled pulpy remains of my Drow query…

It’s been a few years since that fateful night, the demon has not shown itself to me since… however my mind is haunted by dreams of Abyssal speech, and I know it is only a matter of time. I wander the world, waiting for a sign.

Vahldious the Creeping Death

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