The Witch, Seleria

A feared Drow Witch and Necromancer


Alignment: Neutral Evil
Homeland: The Ancient Forest, Lothanium
Deity: Rakdos the Defiler
Age: Centuries old, appears to be in her mid 20’s due to Elvish longevity
Height: 6’0"
Weight: 140lbs

With her already dreadful Drow countenance standing at an intimidatingly curvy 6’0", Seleria is an imposing person indeed. She travels light, often wearing only a feathered raven cloak over her otherwise lightly encumbered form. Wavy golden locks fall across her mischievous violet eyes which shine with dark intent and eldritch knowledge, which she seldom chooses to share. Her beauty and silence are both intimidating and commanding at the same time, and only a fool would dare cross her.


Seleria’s history is shrouded in secrecy, her reputation only further distanced from common folk by her mention in various legends from around the continent, primarily for her part in demonic rituals over the centuries. At one point in time she may have had a lighter soul, and perhaps served the inhabitants of the ancient forest she hails from, but something led her astray along the way, her ambitions now dark and self-serving.

Many people believe she is a follower of the demon-lord Rakdos the Defiler, a deity widely blamed for the current dirge of undeath spreading over the world. None have ever confirmed her fielty to the demon, though it seems sure she has some tie with him.

Known as a witch to many, and a necromancer to others, she practices various schools of forbidden magic, which rumour has it, includes ritual sacrifice, the spreading of dreadful pestilence (frogs breath curses are a favourite of hers), and raising the dead.

The Witch, Seleria

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