Sir Robert Solaire

A Paladin of the Sun


Alignment: Lawful Good
Homeland: The Kingdom of Gallaway
Age: 29
Height: 6’1"
Weight: 232 lbs

With an athletic and muscular build, short black hair and a long untamed beard, Sir Robert is a daunting man, particular when clad in full plate armour. The last thing his enemies see are his pitiless brown eyes gleaming through his visor as his mace comes crashing down.


Sir Robert is a knight of some renown, having spent much of his life as an apostle in the Church of the Sun Goddess, Sarenrae, he praised the sun at all times. When his home church was attacked and burned to the ground by the worshippers of a foreign god, he watched his holy brothers slain without mercy, and all he could do was hide. It was at this moment that a young Sir Robert vowed to protect those that could not protect themselves. Leaving his humble life behind, contracting himself out to various exploratory expeditions, he has made a modest name for himself as an adventurer, eager to find his own place in the sun.

Sir Roberts past is a bit of a mystery between that fateful day at the Church of the Sun and now, and while he speaks little of his past, he is social and charismatic, making him a natural born party leader.

He enjoys long walks on the beach, wearing a comfortable pair of slacks in his off time, and most importantly – a sense that justice is and always will be served in his presence. Though he does at times travel in questionable company, he tends to bring the best out in his companions, and accepts peoples differences for what they are.

Sir Robert Solaire

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