Alric Blackheart

The Purifying Fist of Gorum


Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Homeland: Unknown, Wanderer
Age: 23
Height: 5’5"
Weight: 155 lbs


Born into a family of farmers, Alric learned of violence at an early age. His family’s farm was visited by a group of marauders, who clubbed them to within an inch of their lives and took whatever they wanted. Angered at his pacifist father, who refused to defend his home and family, Alric left home and found his way to the nearby temple of Gorum. Sensing his anger, the young Alric was taken in and trained by the order of Gorum. His anger fuelled his newfound powers and he became a bastion for the God of Battle.

Upon completion of his training, Alric returned home to find his family had once again been attacked. Nursing them all back to health, Alric then awaited the inevitable return of the marauders who had been attacking his family for years now. When they did return, they found Alric, great axe in hand, ready for them. The marauders had grown fat and lazy from attacking a family that never fought back and Alric made quick work of them hacking and slashing them down. Once he had dispatched the entire group, Alric’s father banished him from their farm for turning his back on their pacifist ways.

He now wanders from land to land looking to aid others like him, on a darker path with righteous purpose.

Alric Blackheart

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